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Nishi Honganji Temple Complex
Nishi Honganji Temple Complex
1Nishi Honganji Temple Complex
Take a stroll through this magnificent UNESCO world heritage site.
Its impressive wooden structures, ornate gates and sacred relics allow you a glimpse into traditional Japanese Buddhism.
From THE MACHIYA HOTEL KYOTO: 6-minute walk
Shichijo Dori Street
2Shichijo Dori Street
This lively street is lined with an abundance of irresistible local eateries.
From grilled yakitori and stewed sukiyaki, to fresh sushi and traditional Kyoto cuisine, feel free to ask about our recommendations or assistance with reservations.
From THE MACHIYA HOTEL KYOTO: 1-minute walk
Higashi Honganji Temple Complex
Higashi Honganji Temple Complex
3Higashi Honganji Temple Complex
The headquarters of Japanese Buddhism.
In the middle of this vast temple complex is the monumental Founder’s Hall, one of the largest wooden buildings in the world.
From THE MACHIYA HOTEL KYOTO: 3-minute walk
Shosei-en Garden
Shosei-en Garden
4Shosei-en Garden
Wander through this quiet, majestic Japanese garden.
Traverse over the pond to take a closer look at the quaint teahouses, waterfall, stone lanterns, and careful arrangement of plants and flowers.
From THE MACHIYA HOTEL KYOTO: 10-minute walk
Kyoto Station
Kyoto Station
5Kyoto Station
The heart of Kyoto, and starting point to explore the city.
Enjoy direct transportation access to Kyoto’s famous sites, including Gion geiko district, Kinkakuji Temple and Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and more.
Day trips to Osaka, Nara, Kobe are also a convenient train ride away.
From THE MACHIYA HOTEL KYOTO: 7-minute walk
Toji Temple
Toji Temple
6Toji Temple
Founded in the 8th century, this UNESCO world heritage site is most well-known for its five-storied pagoda - the tallest in Japan.
From THE MACHIYA HOTEL KYOTO: 19-minute walk